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Unlicensed Broadband Radio Products

E-LINK Rapid 4.1 Wave 2.0 MU-MIMO 5 GHz 867 Mbps Outdoor PTP Radio

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E-LINK Rapid 4.1 is 802.11ac Wave2.0 MU-MIMO 5GHz high power industrial use outdoor point-to-point/point-to-multi-point Radio with high speed of upto 867 Mbps. The Gigabit ethernet port ensures high data rate and makes high density of users access concurrently and enjoy seamless streaming of high bandwidth-intensive applications. E-LINK Rapid 4.1 provides great communication efficiency by complying with Wave2.0

Technology, supporting Spatial Streams MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple- Input Multiple-Output).

E-LINK Rapid 4.1 Wave2.0 amplifiers are designed to provide 25dBm high power. The integrated 14dBi MIMO panel antenna which greatly increases the Wi-Fi range upto 3 km and supplies a very stable signal. E-LINK Rapid 4.1 Wave2.0 excels in interference mitigation, performance, stability with its Beamforming, DFS, Airtime Fairness, Band Steering and OFDM. It supports Wireless AP and Repeater operation modes.

It has an integrated active 48V Power over Ethernet (PoE) port, for easy installation and lower cost. This is useful to install in areas where power outlets are not readily available, eliminating the mess of altering existing network infrastructure. E-LINK Rapid 4.1 Wave2.0 has IP65 enclosure with operating temperature of -30°C to 45°C.

o IEEE 802.11ac/a/n MU-MIMO
technology standard
o 5GHz, 867Mbps Data Rate
o 25 dBm high power
o Integrated 14dBi MIMO panel antenna
o Integrated active 48V POE
o Supports Beamforming, Band Steering
o 1 x Gigabit WAN Port
o 1 x Gigabit LAN Port
o AP/Repeater Operation mode Switch
o IP65 Outdoor enclosure

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