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Realix - Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone and Tablet


Realix  offers solutions to enhance safety and meeting expectations of targeted specific sectors in several industries where explosive environments are common, like Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Aerospace, Utilities, Public Safety. Internationally a large number of organizations, as part of their risk assessment, are responding to legislative changes, insurance requirements, occupational health and safety legislation to ensure ongoing safety of their staff.

These industries have started to use latest technology communication devices, throughout their work-sites including the hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe solutions in these key industries provide fully connected collaboration throughout all zones of their hazardous environment operations. With IS devices that operate as per standards and the latest industrial applications, clients rely on faster data capture/transfer and real-time communications.


Intrinsically safe Mobile


Intrinsically safe Mobile


Intrinsically Safe Tablet

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